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Hello folks, if you are planning to use AWS Lightsail for hosting please give a 5 minute reading of this blog. Although AWS lightsail is very good service with very cheaper plans then the regular EC2 instances, but you do need to understand its pricing structure. There are certain elements that impacts on per month cost if you are not careful.

Factors Impacting on Lightsail Cost:

  • Data in/out both counted towards free allowance. You can see free allowance with yellow highlighting¬† in above image. For example lets say you have monthly free allowance as 1 TB and you uploaded 1 TB of data and you have downloaded 1 TB of data then it is counted as you have consumed 2 TB of data. So you need to pay extra cost for the extra one TB consumed.
  • Only data out is considered for usage charges beyond free allowance, any data in will not be chargeable.
  • Additional data transfer per month than free allowance has different costing for Mumbai and Sydney regions.
  • Mumbai and Sydney regions have different free allowances than other regions. Please refer below screenshot allowances in Mumbai and Sydney highlighted with yellow.

Lightsail is really good service but we should take care of above pointers specially a strict on data in/out will really help in keeping cost perfect. Lets look at some of the important features as listed below:

Important Features of AWS Lightsail Hosting:

  • Fixed rate cheaper plans.
  • Free allowance of data transfer in terabytes depends on plan chosen
  • Load balancers.
  • Managed Databases.
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